After a councillor raised concerns over the state of a footpath, readers had their say on the matter.

Peter Gaston, Allerdale councillor for the Clifton and Stainburn Ward, said he is frustrated over the lack of maintenance on the footpath on the main road out of Great Clifton, heading towards Stainburn garage.

The path has been left partially blocked due to the growth of plants, including nettles, on either side.

Coun Gaston fears that if the lack of maintenance to the path is left any longer and it becomes blocked, people may start to walk on the adjacent main road, putting themselves in serious danger.

And Times & Star readers had mixed views on the matter.

David Smith commented: “The representative from Cumbria County Council should look at the state of all the verges – some junctions you can’t see if cars are coming for overgrown hedges.

“Is ‘keep Cumbria buzzing’ another way of saving money and failing their responsibility to maintain our hedgerows? These councils take tax under false pretences because they fail to deliver what they are supposed to do.”

Val Pullar said: “It’s the same going to Moresby church off the A595 near Whitehaven – it’s so overgrown.”

But some felt the problem was with people, rather than the plants.

John Phillips said: “It’s typical that humans think they have a right to remove nature. Why not see the beauty rather than inconvenience?”

Flufy Kipper shared similar views, and wrote: “Where will the bees eat lunch? Leave it alone.”