A EURO 2020 event at Workington Town was cancelled last night due to Covid concerns.
Electric Soup, which was organising the event, posted on social media yesterday that “after speaking with the track and trace team and the relevant authorities today, and with local cases rising, we’ve all made the decision that for the safety of others in the town it’s going to be best not to go ahead.”
Refunds will be available.
Owner Jonny Donat said the decision was made because he felt it was "the responsible thing to do.
He said his company has adhered to every restriction.
"We have had 16 staff on at all events to make sure there is table service only. We have masks and sanitiser at the door and have tack and trace systems in place. We do everything we can to ensure that people are safe.
Cumbria County Council has confirmed that there were "a number " of Covid cases traced to the rugby club but did not know how many.

Mr Donat said: " Some of the pubs in Workington are packed and there are some where Covid restrictions  are not been adhered to but now it looks as though it is through us that the virus has spread - although cases are rising throughout the area.
"It's costing us money but we have to be responsible." 
 Town chairman Les Smallwood said he could not comment at the moment: “We are liaising with the authorities but give us time to find out what is happening."
He added that Workington Town players are tested for Covid twice a week and the club has been following restriction rules.
Meanwhile, as the Government proceeds with lifting almost all restrictions on July 19, many people are cautious about the timing as the Delta variant pushes up Covid cases in the county.
Former Workington mayor and Allerdale councillor Janet King is among them. She said: “Where is the logic in lifting all Covid restrictions yet continuing with the track and trace app to ensure people self isolate if they come into contact with an infected person? With cases steadily rising, we’ll all end up back in lockdown!
“Why won’t the government be guided by the scientists and phase out restrictions instead of making crazy decisions."
“With the Government set to end all Covid restrictions on July 19, it’s increasingly concerning that they are ignoring the scientific advice.
“Cases are rising at an alarming rate but they are urging the public to use their own judgement. Sadly, many will ignore this and think it’s a free for all, with no regard or concept of those that are most at risk.”
Fellow councillor Peter Little says he will continue to wear a mask: “We do need to get back to some kind of normality. I know there are businesses that are suffering but I am urging people to use caution and wear masks and social settings.”