A local rugby team has welcomed fans back to their club after a long absence due to the pandemic.

Cockermouth Wasps RUFC held several events over the weekend to celebrate being able to properly reopen their beloved club.

Chris Wright, of Cockermouth Wasps, said: “With everything that happened lots of people forgot about the club over the pandemic.”

“It was a good way of getting people back to us.”

The Wasps hosted a whole range of events to cater to the people of the town.

They have several teams of varying age groups to provide to the local community.

On Saturday 3rd July they hosted a cross fit competition to raise money for mental health charities.

Over eighty people took part with twenty going into the final the following day.

A touch rugby competition was also held that day along with the team’s first match of the year.

The team has also received funding from the National Lottery to open a new marquee.

Which allows for the club to get a higher capacity of customers after being initially restricted by the current coronavirus restrictions.

For those who aren’t fans of sport, the club hired live musicians to come and perform.

They showcased a range of local artists including: Harry Bibby, The Rucksacks and Amy Morton.

Mr. Wright explained how the music was very well received by those who joined them for the weekend festivities.

He added: “We wanted people to know that rugby is back, the atmosphere was buzzing.”

The club explained that they had a great turn out over the weekend and said that a particular highlight was the England football game on Saturday night.

The club is looking to host future events to bring more people back to their venue and facilities.

Mr. Wright said: "People are more than welcome to come and join the rugby club."

"We don't have anything in the pipeline at the moment but we are always looking to host good events."

As the club is gradually returning to its normal schedule they will be hosting training sessions for ages sixteen and above on Monday nights. With senior rugby training being held on Monday and Wednesday evenings.