Everyday life is surrounded by many brick, metal and glass buildings, so when thinking about our private space to rest, we usually choose a log cabin without further consideration. Wood is an ecological, durable material that does not cause any harmful effects on human health and is characterized by excellent air circulation and durability. However, when choosing a log cabin, not only its quality should be taken into account.

A rather important factor to take into account is that such prefabricated log cabins can be manufactured and built on the customer's site in a particularly short time.

How fast are prefabricated log cabins built?

When deciding to build a log cabin, you want to enjoy its advantages as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for customers to choose a premade design thinking that they will have to wait at least a year if they want to order a custom-made log cabin. This is a common misconception! Custom made designs can take as long as premade ones if you choose a right manufacturer. That’s where Maestro Cabins step in – entrusting the design and assembly of your dream log cabin to Maestro Cabins team will ensure you can enjoy the finished project in 8 weeks!

Maestro Cabins prefabricated houses have a unique assembly technology, so they can be manufactured and built by the customer on their site quickly.

Customers can choose a premade log cabin project or design their own with Maestro Cabins designers’ team that excels many years of experience in this field. Regardless of the project you choose, company will produce and assemble a log cabin on your plot no later than within 8 weeks of placing an order.

How to choose a log cabin house?

When deciding to build a log cabin on your land, first of all, you should decide whether to design the house individually or choose a ready-made project. While it may seem that custom made log cabin project is more expensive, take into account that by designing a cabin individually, you only pay for what you need, discarding all unnecessary items.

The individual design of a log cabin also guarantees that it will be planned in a way you choose - you can plan rooms and spaces according to your needs. A rather popular choice for customers is to customize an already prepared log cabin project - this avoids a lot of design work and makes it much easier to choose. Maestro Cabins offer over 80 designs to choose from which all of them can be customized from A to Z.

Size and shape of the land also plays big part when deciding which log cabin project to choose - individually designed prefabricated houses can be adapted to any land. Although, a simple square wooden cabin is usually imagined, it should not be limited to this idea. Individually designed log cabins can be quite modern, with large panoramic windows, a terrace of various shapes or even several doors and windows decorated with traditional, classic or modern elements.

What kind of wood to choose for your log cabin?  

Building materials make up a significant part of the cost when building a log cabin, so it is obvious that a final price will also depend on them. Looking at the market of log cabins, it is not difficult to notice that prefabricated cabins are made of various types of wood, but the most popular choices are Siberian spruce, pine and timber.

When choosing wood, it is important to pay attention not only to its type, but also to the quality of the wood itself. If you choose quality wood, its excellent insulation will keep the heat in your log cabin for much longer, so it will be much more comfortable to rest on cooler days. Products of Maestro Cabins are well known for their quality because the best raw material used: durable timber from Sweden, Finland and Siberia. All their wood comes only from reliable and certified suppliers.

  Is it necessary to insulate a log cabin?

Considering the fact that log cabins are often used only in the warm season and the airtight wooden construction already provides excellent thermal insulation due to wood-specific properties, the need for cabin insulation becomes minimal. As can be seen in practice, prefabricated log cabins are quite often heated by a built-in stove or a simple electric heater.

In these cases, if a cabin is built of quality materials, both, the installed stove and the heater quickly heat all rooms and keep them warm for quite a long time.

However, if you’re thinking on spending time in your log cabin all year round or the area of ​​the wooden cottage itself is quite large, it is worth considering its insulation. By doing so, your cottage will not only become much more airtight, but also less cold during the winter.

It is especially important to keep in mind that better thermal insulation does not only depend on insulated walls. According to general estimates, as much as 25% of heat is lost through windows and doors, and 10-15% through the ceiling, so before you decide to undertake insulation work, first of all, make sure that the house has high-quality windows and doors with good insulating properties. At Maestro Cabins, all log cabins come with the highest quality double glass laminated wood windows and doors. Worth mentioning that they are included in the price and are manufactured in house.