A GARDEN centre will be built in Maryport if current plans plans get the green light from the borough council.

In plans submitted to Allerdale Borough Council, applicants B&M Retail Ltd outlined proposals for the current B&M Bargains store to extended to allow a garden centre to be established.

Maryport town councillors were delighted with the plan, which they agreed would bring a new service to the town.

Every councillor was in favour of the plan, especially when it showed that while the car park would be rejigged it would not result in the loss of any spaces.

Mayor Peter Kendall asked town councillors to move that the new building include public toilets.

The perceived lack of toilets has been an issue raised by Allerdale’s independent councillors.

Maryport’s Billy Pegrim said: “ I think it would be good for Maryport but I don’t think the toilets will hold much water!”

The plans show the garden centre being built down towards the River Ellen.

B&M opened in Maryport in 2018 after buying out the Co-op, which now wants to return.

In documents included as part of the planning proposal, the applicant asserted their belief that the vision would be in line the local authority’s plans for sustainable developments in the wider area.

They stated: “Overall, the proposed development constitutes sustainable development and the National Planning Policy Framework’s presumption in favour of sustainable development is therefore fully engaged in favour of this application and permission should be granted without delay.”

The added: “The proposed development accords with national and local planning policy.

“The site is located within the defined town centre boundary of Maryport where retail development [is permitted].”

Historic coke ovens, claimed to be the oldest in the country, were identified located near to the planned site by the applicant. However, they argued that any developments would have minimal impact on the historic site.

They stated: “It is considered that the proposed extension would have little impact on the setting of the coke ovens, given the existing trees on site, which provide a screen between the site, thus limiting visibility.”

People can view the application at allerdale.gov.uk, quoting the reference number FUL/2021/0190.