AN Olympic hopeful has hit back at allegations published in a national newspaper.

Workington-born Oliver Dustin has issued a statement after the Times and The Sun published claims he was facing the axe from Team GB, following allegations traces of cocaine was found in a drug test sample.

The Sun have since reported that anti-doping authorities accepted there had been cross-contamination of a sample that contained small traces of cocaine, meaning Oliver will be free to compete in this summer's games after all.

Mr Dustin said: "I have never taken cocaine, I have not broken any rules, I am not under investigation, and I am not facing any ban.

"I will be flying to Tokyo this week as planned and will be competing at the Olympic Games as also planned.

"It is regrettable that the Times considered it acceptable to publish such a damaging article on the basis of unnamed 'sources' and without considering the potential impact on me, my reputation or my preparations for the Olympic Games.

"I will be asking lawyers to contact The Times about its article. For now, my focus is on the Olympic Games."