A NIGHTCLUB owner from Workington said he is delighted to be able to welcome punters back this weekend, however, he has urged customers to still be aware of the virus.

Jonny Donat, owner of Electric Soup Nightclub in Workington, will bring the nightlife back to Workington’s young people with a bang – hosting world-renowned DJ and chart star Paul Woolford tomorrow night, as well as world-class DJ Richy Hamilton.

Mr Donat said he was pleased to be able to introduce young people to the music that he loves – some of them for the first time.

He said: “It’s heartbreaking to see kids that haven’t really had a chance to ever step foot into a nightclub and they are turning 19 and 20 now, I mean they are the best years of your life, I think.

“So, it’s going to be good to see all the old faces together, but also the new faces now as well.”

Events will be running in both the Electric Soup and Soup Arena venue over the weekend, with the two chart toppers on the Friday and events on Saturday.

However, Jonny urged anyone who is thinking of attending to test themselves before attending and avoid turning up if they feel in any way they may be carrying the virus.

He said: “We’re feeling great about it, but we’re just obviously wary about Covid. We need to ensure that customers do the right thing and make sure that they don’t turn up if they think they could possibly contribute to the spread.

“We’re recommending that people get tested before they turn up.”

The return of Electric Soup and the Soup Arena will come as a delight to many with events for the weekend expecting to sell out.

For anyone still wanting tickets to purchase Richy Hamilton tickets, which has just been announced today, visit the Electric Soup Facebook page.