WORKINGTON Town star Alex Young has been selected to play in this year's Rugby League World Cup.

Town’s number five has been selected to play in the Jamaican squad at the tournament and says he is proud to represent his heritage during the games.

Talking about his selection for the squad, he said: “It feels like a privilege. I’m just really excited — that’s probably the main emotion and also for me to play alongside my brother, Dom. It’s one of the biggest things for me.

“He’s out in Australia. I haven’t been able to see him and to come home and represent our heritage I think that will be pretty special.

“I spoke to my grandma about it. She’s Jamaican, that’s what qualifies me and it was just the pride on her face that’s the main thing. It was a special moment for the family.”

The 22-year-old also spoke about the sense of belonging he feels as part of the squad.

Alex said: “All the teams I’ve been in mainly it is one kind of similar people, so I’m always a bit of minority, so at Workington there is just me and Kelvin that are like a minority, so when you do come across these players that have come from the same background as myself and gone through the spot that way it did, it feels good to meet up with up with them on camp. I’ll probably make some lifelong friends out of it.

“It just felt like a bit of belonging being there and everyone coming from the same place, it was good.”

Alex’s younger brother, who currently plays in the NRL in Australia has also been selected for the squad and there are hoping to play alongside each other in this tournament — something that the pair have never done before.

Alex said: “That will be a pretty special moment for the family and if we did play alongside each other. It would be a centre wing partnership I think so we would be literally next to each other, so it will be pretty cool.”

Speaking on his League One career at Workington Town, the former Huddersfield Giants Academy player seems to be incredibly happy as part of Chris Thorman’s current League One squad.

He said: “It’s a good atmosphere. Everyone wants to win, everyone understands what we are trying to do there, despite the fact it’s a two-hour drive for me, it’s worth it because I just enjoy being there and I think that’s the main thing.”