WE'VE all missed carnivals this year.

Who doesn't love all that colour, camaraderie and community spirit.

West Cumbrians have a great tradition of knowing exactly how to put on a top show.

Over the decades towns and villages have done a grand job of encouraging all ages - from babies to pensioners - to dip into their fancy dress box and get everyone smiling.

As well as the great costumes and fabulous floats there are often talented dance troupes and brilliant bands.

They all bring the streets to life, cheered on by appreciative crowds, and often congregate at the end of the procession to continue the party.

One village which was well known for its brilliant carnivals over the decades is Dearham.

Sadly, plans for a carnival in 2019 were cancelled due to a lack of support.

Secretary Marie Oglanby said at the time: "While we would like to revive it in the future, it really depends on what support we get.”

It has not been revived - yet - but have a whole lot of fabulous photos of all the fun people had over the years.

It was always well known as a community carnival with neighbours, pubs, Dearham school and other residents throwing themselves into the event.

It became an important part of village life not just for the carnival itself, but for the dance that followed on carnival night.

The village pulled out all the stops for special events such as the Queen’s 60th anniversary on the throne, moving the carnival so it became the centre of those celebrations.

The last carnival was held in 2018.

We reported: "The sun was out and so were the smiles.

"Everyone was in festival mood, with lots of people on chairs lining the village pavements to watch the colourful procession.

"Leading the way was North Allerton Band. Workington Brass Band and Carnegie Music Centre were also involved.

"There was a fantastic selection of queens and beautifully-decorated floats and some great fancy dress."