TWO Cumbrian police officers attended the National Police Bravery Awards last night after being nominated for an award.

Workington Division's PC Colin Dunne and Kendal Division's PC Alan Masters were nominated after diving into the sea to help a pair of stranded teenagers near Maryport’s lighthouse in 2018.

The ceremony took place at Downing Street in London last night.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, hosted the event.

Although they did not win, PC Dunne and PC Masters enjoyed the night.

"It was very humbling," said PC Dunne.

"I think everybody there would say the same thing, [that] we were just doing our jobs and we reacted to the events that unfolded in front of us.

"Our one was for going in and saving the kids in the water, but there were other people who were attacked in their homes with machetes, there were people who faced machine guns.

"There were some horrific incidents and I think rightly so we didn’t win."

He added: "It was absolutely fabulous. We were wined and dined and totally looked after by the Police Federation.

"It was lovely to be recognised for doing our work."

There has been much criticism of the police in recent times, especially following the murder of Sarah Everard by PC Wayne Couzens last year.

PC Masters said that the night had been a good celebration of the work that police officers do.

"In the present climate, it was quite nice to be treated with respect and made to feel that people do value what we do," he said.

Referring to the incident he was awarded for, he said: "Things could have gone very differently that day with us, but you look at what happened with other people and colleagues and you think ‘we all do the same job.’

"You just feel very privileged to have been nominated and selected to go to that event."

Paul Williams, Chair of the Cumbria Police Federation, and Chief Constable Michelle Skeer also attended the event.

Mr Williams said: "I’m very proud of our two nominees for the 2020 bravery awards to have attended this fantastic event.

"The courage and selfless act they both showed in rescuing two young girls from the water is a reflection of what policing is about and on the characters of the officers in Cumbria Constabulary.

"I’m proud to have been there with Colin and Alun and also proud to know them personally and professionally."