As news of the new Covid variant, Omicron, has come to light, new restrictions have been brought into England.

Rules regarding travel quarantine, isolation, booster jabs and face coverings have all been changed. In all retail settings from Tuesday, November 30 facemasks must be worn.

With a new variant causing infections, many may be worried and choose to leave the house at quieter times to reduce their risk.

We’ve put together a list of the supermarkets in Workington, and when is the quietest time for you to go and do your shopping.

Asda, Mossbay Road

Weekdays: 7am-10am, 7pm-close
Saturday: 7am-9am, 6pm-close
Sunday: 10am

Tesco, New Bridge Road

Weekdays: 7am-9am, 7pm-close
Saturday: 7am-9am, 7pm-close
Sunday: 10am

Morrisons, Derwent Drive

Weekdays: 7am-9am, 6pm-close
Saturday: 7am-9am, 6pm-close
Sunday: 10am

Aldi, Derwent Drive

Weekdays: 8am-10am, 7pm-close
Saturday: 8am-9am, 6pm-close
Sunday: 10am

Iceland, Pow Street

Weekdays: 8am, 5pm-close
Saturday: 8am, 5pm-close
Sunday: 10am