TWO Penrith businesses are oozing community spirit by helping a carer provide Christmas dinners and handmade flower arrangements for the elderly.

When carer Kayleigh-Beth Mulgrew posted on the Penrith community Facebook page asking for help in preparing some food to be delivered to those who don't have family, both Tasty Bites and Elliott's Plants answered the call to arms.

Ms Mulgrew said it was quite a "heart-warming moment".

"I wasn't expecting quite that response but Penrith does have a great community spirit and this has be shown right through Covid. The offer of flower arrangements off Elliot is a great little bonus for them too.

"Just goes to show how people can band together, this will really make a few people who usually feel lonely this time of year really happy," she said.

Ellen Graham, of Tasty Bites, said after going through such a difficult year through the pandemic, there's so much more we can do in order to help homeless and the elderly in our local community.

"We just wanted to give something forward, that's what we're all about" she said.

Elliott Dumbarton, of Elliott's Plants, has only been in operation in Penrith for three weeks but is no stranger to the community spirit the town holds.

"It’s been really busy, and I’ve had so much support from people in Penrith and the local area. People keep popping into the shop just to wish me luck, it’s great," he said.

Times and Star: Elliott Dumbarton in his shop on Angel Lane, PenrithElliott Dumbarton in his shop on Angel Lane, Penrith

Returning his generosity, Elliott has made the table display arrangements with the popular hyacinth flower, which blooms into something very "colourful" and with a really nice smell.

Cumbria Quality Care would like to thank both Elliott and Ellen for their kindness this time of year.

You can find Elliott Plant's on 4 Angel Lane and Tasty Bites on 33 Great Dockray, Penrith.