PLANS have been submitted to the council for the demolition of "unsafe" derelict buildings.

Allerdale Borough Council has received notification of the demolition of eight buildings at Hanger 43 on Silloth Industrial Estate, neighbouring the disused airfield.

In their rationale for the work, applicant DA Harrison said: "The buildings at the site are disused, in a poor condition and although fenced off for several years, the buildings are experiencing trespass, which is further degrading the condition of the buildings."

The documents were submitted to notify the council of the plans. DA Harrison said that the works fall within the parameters identified for permitted development and therefore prior approval is not required. But a written notice is required from the Local Planning Authority before works can commence.

DA Harrison said: "The applicant will appoint a contractor, experienced in demolition works to undertake the works, once written confirmation has been received from the LPA.

"The contractor will be responsible for the on-site supervision of the demolition in line with relevant health and safety measures."

The applicant said that if they are given the greenlight to demolish the unsafe buildings, disruption will be kept to a minimum.

"Demolition would take place only between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday."

The building demolition will be carried out between the start of August and the end of February to avoid disrupting the bird breeding season.

Care has been taken to ensure the demolition does not impact the environment.

DA Harrison's planning statement said: "Materials from the demolition are proposed for future use as a recycled aggregate material.

"There are self-seeded trees close to the buildings at the site which may be directly impacted by the demolition works. Trees that are not attached to the building fabric would be retained."

The application has been prepared in time for removal of the buildings within the ecological constraints.

Hesketh Ecology has carried out a study, finding that the demolition is unlikely to have a significant impact on wildlife: "The habitat in the surrounding area is considered to represent ‘low’ quality bat foraging habitat. The generally lack of trees and woodland in the immediate area, the limited connectivity to more suitable habitat in the wider area and the fact that the site is highly illuminated at night combine to make the habitat broadly suboptimal for bats."

The public have a right to view and comment on all planning applications submitted to the council for approval.

To view all planning applications submitted to Allerdale, visit: