AN APPLICATION for planning permission has been submitted to demolish garages in Workington and build seven bungalows in their place, the developer has said new housing will make use of the site which has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Westfield Housing Association has revealed plans for seven bungalows on Goodman Road as part of their wider growth in the area.

The association has plans for a series of developments in the Westfield area, providing new accessible housing for elderly people who want to stay in their communities near friends and family.

Their recent application, submitted to Allerdale Borough Council as planning authority, asks for permission to demolish 19 garages, making way for the construction of seven bungalows which will have “adaptability to the changing needs of the resident.”

The developer has said that plans will be an asset to the area.

They said: “The site has been chosen through a series of feasibility studies and consultation for a number of reasons, firstly it is vacant and is often the location of anti-social behaviour, secondly, they fit within the fabric of the existing street patterns and thirdly they are flat, accessible and are easily connected in to existing services and infrastructure.

“The dwellings are 2 bed single story bungalow and therefore generally a smaller scale than the surround two story houses.”

Current residents of Westfield have been made aware of the plans with a newsletter.

Westfield Housing said: “There is clear evidence of the need for the bungalows within the Westfield Estate and the proposed sites which meets the needs of both the local community and the wider Local Authority development plan.

“The proposals generally have the support of the local community, particularly those who are in need of more suitable accommodation.

Westfield Housing has a preference to provide more parking, accessible to neighbouring properties due to an “acute parking issue” on Garth Road.

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Allerdale Borough Council for approval.

To view plans submitted for Allerdale, visit: