A WOMAN from Aspatria has shared her gratitude online after her daughter started to choke in the town’s Co-Operative store.

The mother wrote how her child started to choke and thanked the member of staff and fellow customer for listening to her cries for help and how quick they reacted to her pleas.

Taking to the Aspatrias-Voice group on Facebook, the parent shared: “My daughter started choking during our shopping trip and I shouted for help as I didn’t initially know what was happening.

"A customer with blonde hair and the worker called Mandy rushed over to help me get her out the pram and pat her back and get out the obstruction from her throat.

“They then stayed with me for a few moments to make sure we were okay.

“I’m not sure who the customer was but I hope if you see this you understand how grateful I am and I would love to be able to give you something as a massive thank you! I will definitely be dropping something to Co-Op for Mandy as well!

“Thank you so, so much! Thank you doesn’t even cut it on how grateful I am! You saved my daughter and that something I can never thank you enough for!”

Discussing the incident, the manager of the store said: “Our employee Mandy was serving a lady when they heard a lady shouting for help.

"They both made their way to the mother and her child and the customer took the baby out of the pram and patted her back, managing to dislodge whatever was stuck in her throat.

“Our member of staff helped calm the lady who was in a lot of distress. We have congratulated her for her efforts and we have even had correspondence from Head Office who have been in touch with her too, she did really well.

"Mandy was quick to state that the other lady was the one who did the majority of the work by getting the baby and getting whatever was stuck in her throat out. We are still very proud of her."