CUMBRIANS have, like many millions of others across the country, been left furious at revelations that Boris Johnson attended a 'party' in the grounds of Number 10, whilst the rest of the country was in lockdown in May 2020.

Boris Johnson apologised in Prime Minister's Questions yesterday after admitting he attended a drinks party in the garden of No. 10 Downing Street during Britain’s first lockdown, but claimed he thought it was a 'work event.'

Janet Graham told of her heartbreaking May 20 2020 in which her mother died without her family around her.

Janet said: "I was sitting with my mother at home while she died that evening and my family didn't get to say goodbye because we obeyed the rules while Boris broke them."

Amanda McEwan had a similar story. The day was the last that she ever saw her mother awake and believes that the isolation her mother had to endure due to the lockdown contributed to her death.

She said: "That was the last day I saw my mum awake. Waited 6 hours for an ambulance to arrive despite it being called by the GP.

"She was then isolated for 6 weeks without me being allowed access to her before she died from the madness caused by the isolation."

Carlisle MP John Stevenson has said 'appropriate action' will need to be taken if it is apparent the Prime Minister broke lockdown rules at the Downing Street Garden Party.

Boris Johnson told Parliament yesterday that when he went into the No. 10 garden he 'believed this was a work event', but in hindsight he should have sent everyone back inside.

The Prime Minister apologised to the public and acknowledged the 'rage' that they have felt towards him.

Civil Servant Sue Grey will now lead an inquiry into the event along with other alleged Number 10 parties.

Carlisle MP John Stevenson has said that he 'appreciates' the anger that many people up and down the country are facing

He said: “I can completely appreciate the emotions of people who are angered by the reports. I concur with their frustrations if it is as seems to be the case.

"If these events took place they should not have. I am not privy to the facts and people are keen to jump to conclusions however a senior civil servant will have a stringent look at the details and facts and will report accordingly.

"If it is as it appears then appropriate action will need to be taken.”