Workington Town have announced who will take over the chairmanship at the club.

John Pleasants, who has been acting as interim chair of Workington Town, has taken on the role in a full time capacity. 

John has been a Town fan for nearly 60 years as well as being a Rugby Union player for Workington Zebras in the 70s and 80s.

He returned to the area 5 years ago after he retired from his role as the global commercial director for General Electric (GE) in its pharmaceutical division.

John said: "On retiring 5 years ago my wife Lena and I made the decision to move back to Workington from Sussex (you can take the boy out of Workington, but you can’t take Workington out of the boy!) Whilst away I have always kept a keen eye on sport in Workington, and I love to see all our teams (football, rugby of both codes and cricket doing well).

"Pretty much on returning to Workington I became involved with the Zebras as a committee member, then moving on taking a position on the board at Town, and now into the position of Chairman.

"I have always been a sport nut, both playing and watching, and to be in my current position is a dream come true, although I don’t underestimate the challenge.

"I believe firmly that we need a new Sports stadium for the Town and Reds, if we are to develop fully the potential of both clubs. I’m currently a member of the Sports Village project team, so definitely at the sharp end of the process to make the current vision for a stadium and community pitch a reality.

"I think I have the business skills, and people management experience to make a significant contribution to the Town as Chairman, but I am also a good listener and am always prepared to listen to other peoples opinions and ideas (of which there are many!)

"This season will be a real challenge for us as a club in the RL Championship, but we are up for the fight, and so long as the fans continue to support us, and believe in what we are doing I am sure we can succeed. Success for me this year is firstly survival, and with the wind in the right direction, and good home crowds, to finish in the top half of the table.
"This year we have to continue to put a solid foundation in place at the club, based on a sensible business strategy that will allow us to keep strengthening the playing squad, and to also be at the heart of the whole community of West Cumbria."