A SPECIAL day in rock history has been commemorated in Workington - thanks to the efforts of a Cumbrian band with a love for the Prince of Darkness.

A blue plaque has been placed on the walls of the Carnegie Theatre in the town to mark the day that legendary rock band Black Sabbath were born in the town.

The new Plaque has been erected to mark the historic day in 1969 when a Heavy Metal Rock Band known as EARTH performed at a gig at the Banklands Youth Club Workington.

The lead singer, one Ozzy Osbourne, who frequently visited West Cumbria with his bandmates, made the announcement during the gig that Earth would be changing their name - to Black Sabbath.

Times and Star: SECOND HOME: Sabbath in Banklands hallSECOND HOME: Sabbath in Banklands hall

Des Rumney, 56, got together with members of his band Zero: Angus Smeaton, Mike Doggart, Andrew Lillco and Lindsay Hudson to perform a gig with aims of raising money for the plaque.

After a long wait caused by Covid, they are delighted to see their idols honoured in the town.

Des said: "We raised the money for it, we done it two years ago over Christmas in Banklands to mark 50 years since Sabbath played Banklands.

"Sabbath played up here as Earth for a while, then after they came back from a Germany tour their first gig was at Banklands on August 26, 1969 and that's when they officially renamed the band to Black Sabbath.

"I wasn't there - I was only four at the time."

Des said that the town was like a 'second home' to Ozzy and the rest of the band, who visited on a number of occasions over the years.

Times and Star: WOW: Sabbath performing in Banklands WOW: Sabbath performing in Banklands
He said: "They played in Workington loads of times. This was like a second home to them after Birmingham; they played at Westfield Welfare, the Tech College and in Banklands a number of times 

"This is a massive milestone in the world's rock history, Sabbath are one of the biggest bands there has been and with the announcement of their name here we have a tie to it.

Mr Rumney said 'it would be outstanding' for Ozzy and the rest of the band to come back to Workington to see the plaque that has been placed in their honour.

Times and Star: REMEMBER: The plaque in all it's glory CREDIT: John Quinn aka. John JoeREMEMBER: The plaque in all it's glory CREDIT: John Quinn aka. John Joe