The Masters Rugby League season is kicking off later this month and organisers are looking to get more people involved. 

The Masters is a social rugby leage for those aged over 35. Those who have played rugby league in their youth have been keen to take part but new players are also very much welcome to join. 

We spoke to one of the organisers Dave Farrell to hear more about The Masters Rugby League. 

Mr Farrell said: "The season is starting again shortly and like most sports we are looking forward to bouncing back after the pandemic. Before the pandemic The Masters was really popular and we just want people to know that we are still here and there are still opportunities to play. 

"It's basically rugby league but the rules are modified so that if you are older the game will be somewhat easier and less demanding. 

"In Cumbria there's a number of Masters teams who play games at regular intervals. We don't play regular week in, week out fixtures which makes it easier for those with work or family commitments. 

"I'm involved with the west Cumbria branch but in Cumbria Carlisle have a team, there's Aspatria Hornets, there's Arledon Rams and in the south of the county there's Barrow Masters and other teams. 

"We are able to organisers games amongst ourselves and there's a number of teams to play for."

Dave stressed that everyone is welcome and those who have played other sports in the past or even no sports at all are welcome to join. 

Lots of people have came along and gave The Masters a go and have really enjoyed it. 

All of those who play then get the opportunity to meet up in the bar afterwards and have a drink. The Masters tries to incooperate a strong social aspect along with the sport itself. 

Dave explains that it's a good chance for people to get involved and keep active. It has proved to be a popular development in the rugby league world. 

There will be a festival being held on March 12 in Arlecdon. If you would like to find out more information please contact Dave Farrell on: 07967 123 983.