Champions, it turns out, come in many forms.

Looking through our archives, we have come up with everything from traditional sports, through to quizzing and chess.

There is also a pair of fencing champions, but they are a bit of a mystery.

There are no names on these archived photos and no indication of what and when their particular championship was held.

All e know is that they were from Maryport - so if readers can come up with any further information we would be glad to hear from them.

The conquering heroes this week, of course, are All Saints School’s conker champions.

Robert Austin(left) and Jem Corden were obviously in the Cockermouth school before the country appeared to go a little crazy with health and safety.

That was in 2014 when it was reported that at least one well-meaning school had said that children must wear goggles and gloves to protect themselves while playing conkers.

You know the old warning: "It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye."

One of the schools concerned about conker safety was Cummerdale School where head teacher Shaun Halfpenny drilled the conkers for the children and provided them with goggles and gloves.

In fairness, Mr Halfpenny appears to have been constantly ahead of his time.

When there was controversy about children wearing slippers in the classroom of a southern school, it turned out that Cummerdale children had been wearing them for 25 years.

Just by the way, conkers is still allowed in most schools. In fact a survey showed that one in six schools have banned the sport - and that was more because of allergies than danger of being hurt.

But, anyway, on with the champions.

We have champion birds.quizzers, Thai boxers, chess players, wrestlers and, of course, footballers. Allerdale council even has an Armed Forces champion. So you see - you don't have to be a fit athlete to be a champion!