This weekend Workington Town face off against Whitehaven RL in the west Cumbrian derby. 

Both teams will be looking for a strong win after difficulty in recent matches. 

We spoke to Head Coach Chris Thorman to get his views on the upcoming game. 

Mr Thorman said: "We're really excited I've and a couple of experiences of the derby and in rugby league there's no better game. We're playing for the rights of the people in the community and there's no more passionate fan than those in Workington and Whitehaven.

"There's a different feeling in the club this week and there's a buzz of enthusiasm so we're really excited for the challenge. 

"On form with seen some difficulty with the team in recent weeks and there are some contributing factors to that. Whitehaven are also in a similar position but all of that goes out the window when it's for bragging rights in a local derby. 

"It feels different when Workington and Whitehaven lock horns and go to battle and we're fully expecting a physical, top encounter this weekend."

Chris explained that the team trained on Tuesday and were fortunate to have been given a break over the past weekend whilst Whitehaven played. He hopes this will have given the team chance to refresh and have more energy for the upcoming game. 

The game will kick off at 7pm at the LEL Arena in Whitehaven.