This week’s photos from our archives is inspired by the Mary[port Rotary Club.

Secretary Pat Brinicombe is doing what she can to raise interest and membership of the town’s Rotary Club.

The hope is that the photos will show that the town’s service clubs do more than simply raise much-needed funds for community and international projects. They are also a load of fun!

It seems that the more labour-saving devices we acquire, , the less time we have!

That lack of free time, or the pressures of work or something has led to clubs struggling for membership.

This is a problem shared by everyone from sports clubs to service clubs.

When there is a crisis, such as the Ukranian war, people shrug aside their lack of time or their indifference and rise to the cause.

We have printed so many stories in recent weeks about the amazing things people are doing to help refugees fleeing from their country. And it is so much more than putting coins in a collection box.

Homes have been opened, goods collected and local lorries have delivered much-needed supplies to the Polish border.

People suffer tragedy in this area and immediately turn it into a positive by raising money and awareness of what has happened to them or a loved one.

We see, right in the middle of recessions, how people still respond to Telethons and the like.

So people are willing but the clubs struggle for membership.

The photos for this week’s nostalgia pages are taken from events carried out by the three clubs probably best-known worldwide -Rotary, Lions and Round Table.

What they show is the good they do in their community.

From a new Meals on Wheels van to cleaning the streets - the service clubs are there.

It is true that all these clubs raise money and donate to local causes. But what is sometimes forgotten, is that they also provide fun and fellowship. For the lonely they are not only a place to make friends but also to be useful. Unlike years gone by,most of these clubs are now open to both men and women. It is changed days from the time I won a Lions peace essay competition and the headline in the paper read: “Girl wins essay competition” Wow! A girl!

Find your local clubs. It might the the best thing you ever did.