A second Love Island contestant is said to be leaving the show following dramatic recoupling.

The islander is said to have already been dumped from the villa with viewers able to watch the drama unfold in tonight’s episode.

In a shock interruption to their evening, Islanders receive a text asking them to gather around the fire pit.

Since Liam Llewellyn chose to leave the villa, there are two single girls Afia Tonkmor and Paige Thorne vulnerable to elimination.

In tonight’s show, new boy Jacques pulls Tasha for a chat as he gets to know all of the girls in the Villa.

Over in another area of the garden, Luca asks the other Islanders where Tasha has gone before Paige explains she is with Jacques “having a chit chat”.

Ikenna and Indiyah share their first kiss cuddled up in the garden and Amber and Dami head to the tennis courts for their first date.

Dami’s competitive streak comes out as he suggests: “I’ll do this for a peck, whoever wins, gets a peck.”

After their game the couple sit down for a drink and, feeding each other strawberries, the date draws to a close with Amber and Dami sharing a romantic kiss.

Elsewhere, Luca tells Jacques he intends to kiss Gemma. The 23-year-old said: “Just saying how I am about to kiss your ex!”

But joking he feels like a schoolboy around Gemma, will Luca actually be able to pull off his plan?

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