As there is a heatwave predicted in the coming weeks we thought that we'd take a look back at some of the hotter weather the area has seen. 

Despite seeing rainy days for the majority of the year Allerdale and the rest of Cumbria does see the odd heatwave now and then. 

When we do get a sunny day us Cumbrians simply cannot get enough of it and head outside to make the most of it. 

It also helps that we live in one of the best places in the country to enjoy the hot weather. 

Allerdale is on the doorstep of the Lake District with towns like Keswick being a great place to spend the day by the lake. 

There are other more rural lakes too where visitors can enjoy a drink and something to eat in a lovely country beer garden. 

Along with this there are also some fantastic coastal areas particularly in the Allerdale area. 

Some of these pictures show people and their families unwinding and having fun in towns like Allonby and Silloth which are perched right on the west coast of the county. 

There's also plenty to do like enjoy an ice cream or get some fish and chips. Children can enjoy playing in the sand or having a dip in the water. 

As can be seen from the fond memories shown in these photos that is exactly what the people of Cumbria have done whenever it gets a bit too hot. 

So with the heatwave set to be coming up in a matter of days or weeks how do you think you'll be spending the lovely summer days? 

Will you head to the coast or will you enjoy a trip to the Lake District? 

We just hope you will all have as nice of a time as we see other people have had over the years.