ONE Cumbrian family of five generations, aged between 94 and just 7-weeks-old, have shared their family tree and what it is like living with so many family members.

The first generation of the family begins with Joyce Kessell, who is 94 years old.

Joyce was raised in St Bees but has lived at Beech Avenue in Egremont since the 50s.

Mrs Kessell married Bill. They met during their time in the army and went on to have five children who make up the second generation.

These are Susan Sproat,  Sally Jackson, Mike Kessell, Steve Kessell and Alan Kessell.

The family say that their Gran, Joyce, is the matriarch of the family and she is known as 'Gran' to everyone.

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The third generation resulted in ten granddaughters.

They are Debbie Carruthers, Alison Draper, Tracey Sproat,  Samantha Sproat,  Judith Sproat, Vicky Kessell,  Leanne Wroe, Alana Botwright, Kim Kessell and Jenna Kessell.

This generation means that the family is very girl dominant, with only five boys throughout the family tree!

The fourth generation includes nine great grandchildren; Declan Carruthers,  Shannon Carruthers, D'Arcy Sproat, Dylan Cunningham, Kailan Draper,  Isobel Wroe, Alyx Baldock, Eric Botwright, Isaac Wroe. 

Times and Star: The family is full of girls!The family is full of girls!

The fifth generation is Peyton Sal Carruthers Hughes born May 13, 2022.  Her mam is Shannon Carruthers and dad is Kierran Hughes. This makes Debbie Carruthers her gran, Sally Jackson her great nan and Joyce Kessell is her great-great Gran.

With so many family members to keep track of, the family do come up against some challenges.

"It is exhausting remembering everyone," one said.

"Diaries and calendars are our life savers for remembering all the birthdays!"

Five generation families are rare - but according to Guinness World Records the most generations alive in a single family was seven.

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