DURING the coming fortnight, thousands of students around the UK will be receiving their A-level and GCSE results.

For some it will be a day of celebration and maybe some trepidation, as good results confirm their place at university and the next stage of their education.

Some may feel disappointed or even devastated because their results have not lived up to their expectations.

And it is little good to tell them that exams are not the only green light to a successful life. They will discover that for themselves in the days and weeks to come, however.

Then there are those who have already been accepted for apprenticeships or jobs, for whom the results will not seem as crucial.

Whatever happens, we hope most of you will find a reason to celebrate like those in these pictures from our archives.

Probably the first question that needs answered is why is former Maryport community police officer Liz Hampson pointing a speed gun at a boy kicking a ball.

The boy is Netherhall student Adam Johnson who devised an exercise for his A-level sports science studies in 2003.

Is Adam doing sports science now? Is he working as a coach, a physiotherapist or a sports psychologist? It would be great to know.

Still in Netherhall is the picture of a laughing group. The caption should read that school days are the best days of your life.

There are many who would disagree strongly with that statement but these teenagers seem to be enjoying the camaraderie of their peers.

Some of these photos, including the one of director Laurie Mansfield, were taken at the Workington Sixth Form Centre which closed seven years ago this month, making way for the the Workington Academy which opened on September 7 that year.

The long awaited school and sixth form was a merger of Stainburn School and Southfield Technology College.

These students of exams past did not have to cope with disrupted education through Covid-19, lockdown and the rest of the insanity we have faced during the past two years.

So to them, especially, we say all the best for the future.