COMMENTARY was interrupted at a Workington Town rugby league match at the weekend - after a man broke into the box demanding that they turn the air conditioning off.

Workington were playing away against Bradford Bulls when the fan disrupted the game's commentary and, as a recording demonstrates, became 'verbally aggressive' towards the commentary team.

Mick Gledhill, The Game Caller, who was providing commentary for the game, shared the audio from the altercation on Twitter.

He said: "In my 13 seasons of covering live Rugby League on the radio, I've never experienced a supporter breaking into the commentary box to ask for the air conditioning unit to be turned down.

"Apologies for any profanities you may have heard earlier today."


The audio starts with a regular match commentary before the intruder came into the box. 

The man then demands that the commentary team turn off the air conditioning system due to the noise it was making.

He began swearing at the team and using profanities; another commentator gets up to attempt to remove the man from the box.

He then accuses a member of the commentary team of assaulting him before he is removed from the box.

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