Informative, funny and sometimes moving- that was the audio adventure that told the story of 70 years on a local estate.

The Ewanrigg Local Truist (ELT) and community centre, (Entra), commissioned the audio and video work and over 200 voices told the story of their Ewanrigg, over the past 70 years to coincide with the reign of the Queen.

For older members, there were memories of the coronation and the Royal wedding.

Next door to Woolworth in Maryport was a store selling televisions. Staff and customers dashed out of 'Woolies' when they could to get a quick glimpse of the Queen.

People spoke of the characters, the shops based in homes and the fun they had.

Times and Star: Katie Winter follows in the tap dancing feet of Florence MulgrewKatie Winter follows in the tap dancing feet of Florence Mulgrew

The late Florence Mulgrew, who taught dance to generations of children was remembered by her family for the number of times she would sneak out of the family home to go dancing.

A group wandered around the estate paying homage to the important places - the Boys Club, boxing club, schools, community centre itself and the cottage hospital where people remembered those who had both been born and died within its walls.

Times and Star: The hospital ewhere Maryport residents were born and died The hospital ewhere Maryport residents were born and died

There was also tribute paid to the min workers and to the loss of employment that plunged the estate into poverty.

Stefan Escreet, who formed Ragged Edge productions,  said although the company had done other audio adventures, this had been the first in this area and he was delighted with the results.

Times and Star: Winding back the skein of yearn and the memories of living on EwanriggWinding back the skein of yearn and the memories of living on Ewanrigg

The commentary, based on an older person and a young person "winding back" a skein of yarn, was created by Cumbria poet Katie Hale and interspersed with music, lively and sometimes haunting, provided by the Ewarigg Choir.

Times and Star: Stefan EscreetStefan Escreet

But there was another voice to be heard = that of the relatively new residents to the area - the peacocks. The peacocks, originally from the Ellen Hotel, have become part of the fabric of the Ewanrigg Estate. Local children gave them voice throughout the production reminding us that 2This is my spot and the Queen is coming!"

While the older people looked back the young children from Netherton Infant School predicted the estate in 70 years time.  Most of these predictions have been shared by the generation before and the generation before that - flying cars and hoverboards.

One little one thought he would be harder because he would be old. 

Stefan said there was another who was not recorded "and I am so sorry for that. His very firm prediction was that in 70 years' time there would be rainbow-coloured dental floss."

Ewanrigg has been seen as an estate of poverty, high unemployment and many health problems. 

What this audio adventure showed was that Ewanrigg was and still is, a place where people are proud of their heritage and a place where they can live and laugh together.

Pictures by Tom Kay