CUMBRIA County Cricket Club drew against Herfordshire County Cricket Club in their three-day match. 

The teams were playing in Barrow at Furness Cricket Club, with the match played from 14 August to 16 August. 

A match draw is given where one or both of the teams cannot complete their innings by the end of the scheduled play.

Because of the rain, play did not start until 17.00 on the second day. This is fortunate for Cumbria because in the two-hour period that they did play on the second day they lost 6 wickets.

With this, Cumbria went into the final day with a target of 296. Before rain stopped play at tea time they got to 128/6 from 39 overs. 

Drew Poslethwaite was the last man out contributing 36 runs to add to his 3 catches and 1 stumping. However, it left Davidson stranded on 49 not out. 

The game ended with Cumbria CCC on 183/All out (84.4) and 128/6 (39 overs). Hertfordshire CCC left on 267/All out (63.3) and 211/7 (47 overs).

It is an exciting summer for Cumbria CCC, as they are in the final of the One Day Trophy against Berkshire on Sunday 28 August.