A pilot who turned his plane around to pick up a family who almost missed their flight has been praised.

The Insley family almost missed out on their dream holiday after their daughter lost her passport at Tenerife Airport last week.

Father Adrian Insley revealed how he, his partner, and their four children, were due to get a TUI plane from Tenerife to East Midlands Airport.

They stopped at Duty Free before moving to the security check.

However, once they reached security Adrian realised his daughter’s passport was missing.


He told Nottingham Live: "I am starting to panic because I do not know where it is. And then the realisation set in there. We do not have a passport - we are missing one.

"I went and spoke to the security personnel, and they told me that I cannot board without a passport. So, I had to send all my family through, and it is just me and my daughter that were left behind because of my daughter's missing passport.

"So, it got a bit hairy because I did not know what to do. I have got to find somewhere to stay, I have got to find transport, and I have got to organise for a temporary passport - there is a lot of organising in a very short amount of time."

Adrian sent the rest of the family ahead while he waited with his daughter to search for the passport.

The missing passport was eventually found, but it was too late for the family who were told they could no longer get on the scheduled flight.

Adrian’s mum Sharon Insley was on the plane with the rest of the family when the captain decided to turn the plane around to collect Adrian and his daughter.

She told Nottingham Live: "I was impressed with the staff, who were so caring and tried to calm down the grandchildren who were crying.

“They said that Adrian could get on the next flight to Manchester if there is space, they were just so kind and understanding.

"They have gone to speak to the captain and ask about the logistics of it. At this point we were ready to take off, it was right before the runway.

"And then the steward asked if we could tell Adrian to come to the gate, so we could pick him up. I was gobsmacked because I have never ever in all my time flying, ever known that they can come back for you.

"They then apologised saying they would not be able to put Adrian's luggage back on. We said we do not care, it was amazing, just incredible.

"And then they managed to put his luggage back in anyway.”