The appropriate way to open this article is to remind us all of how all the groups for boys and girls in our town exist.

It is entirely down to those adults who are prepared to give up their time to supervise, plan activities and inspire the children to come along and both enjoy and learn.

It sounds like a huge task but there are people so willing to do it and we owe them all a debt of thanks.

I just have to add a personal note here: As a young Brownie,i remember the excitement of Lady Baden-Powell coming to our town.

She, of course, was the wife of Lord Baden-Powell. She co-founded the girls' movement and was Britain'sfirstQueen'sGuide.

Brownies and Guides from all over gathered in the football stadium. She stood in the back of a Jeep or something and we all waved frantically.I am sure she must have addressed us, but all i remember washer and the vehicle!

The photos of these pages tell us a little about the groups in our areas.

 must say, it is the Girls and Boys Brigades that seem to be having the most fun because they have both entered the annual carnival in their villages - Flimby for the girls and Dearham for the boys. Both those groups, by the way, have been run for many years by the same leaders.

There is a photo of Maryport Scouts starting their Christmas card delivery.This is a service they offered for several years. They had a defined delivery area within Maryport. People dropped their cards and donations into a box and they were delivered by the children. As well as raising money for the Scouts, it saved money for people who sent cards locally.

A great effort was made by young Beavers and Cubs in Workington who celebrated the Queen's Golden anniversary by trying to collect 50 pairs of used glasses to send to people overseas. In fact, they ended up with over 100. Well done!

There is no indication of how much the Maryport Brownies made with their "hopathon" but we hope all the effort was worthwhile!

And to end - thank you again, all you leaders.