EVEN though a date has only just been set, local planning for the coronation of King Charles III has already begun.

Maryport Mayor, Peter Kendall, told councillors this week that, for many, this is the only time they will experience a coronation and he wanted to make sure it was remembered.

He has asked the council to budget for souvenirs for every school child in Maryport and Flimby and to look at what events the council can run.

"There is bound to be a long weekend," he said. "Maybe we could do something then or on the day of the coronation."

However, other councillors felt that there would be so much happening on the day that it might be better to do something else, such as the 'Royal' fun day for families held this year.

It was agreed that money would be set aside for the coronation and further details will be discussed when a date is known.

* It was announced on Tuesday that the coronation will be held on May 6.