CUMBRIA Cricket League will discuss whether to restructure the league for the 2024 season.

Discussion will be held at the League's upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) in Workington on Saturday, October 29 about whether certain aspects of the league should be altered in response to issues that face local cricket. 

A survey which was sent out to local cricket club members cited an 'ever-increasing gap between sides who currently contest the premier division and issues with short sided and conceded games in the lower division', along with 'competing pressures placed on our leading club players who face the choice to play county or cup cricket on Sundays' as the reasons behind the proposed restructure. 

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In the survey are a number of questions which ask members how they would like to see the league restructured.

These question include potential changes to the number of teams that compete in the Premier Division, when Cup Cricket should be played, and the playing format of the higher divisions.

There is also the proposition of a regionalisation of the league for second teams.

Secretary at the Cumbria Cricket League, Peter Gardiner explained the importance of the responses to this survey. He said: "It's results will give us a starting point for discussion next Saturday at the AGM."