MPs have found themselves in the midst of a debate about the Qatar World Cup 2022.


Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has previously advised LGBT fans of the sport to ‘compromise’ and ‘respect the culture of the home nation’. 


One MP and self-proclaimed ‘massive gay’, Labour’s Luke Pollard, has stated in Commons that ‘it is not safe for someone like me to watch the World Cup in Qatar’ and added, ‘I personally don’t think Qatar should ever have been awarded a major sporting competition’. 


Despite Foreign Office minister David Rutley stating that the UK government and Qatari officials are working together to ensure that all visitors to the World Cup will be treated fairly and equally, anyone found engaging in homosexual activity in Qatar faces a seven-year prison sentence. Rutley maintains that ‘Qatar has repeatedly [stated] that everybody is welcome to the tournament’. 


Calls have been made for the UK for the UK to pull out of the World Cup, but current England team manager Gareth Southgate has ruled out an English boycott, questioning what would be achieved. 


Elsewhere in Europe, German footballers and fans alike have supported the boycott. Last Sunday, just before the last Bundesliga game ahead of a two-month winter break, SC Freiburg fans were seen holding a banner with the slogan ‘Boykott van Katar’ - ‘Boycott Qatar’. 


Downing Street has stated that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ‘no plans to attend’, but has not condemned MPs or officials from attending the games should they wish.