Inflatables are a lot more fun than inflation as these photos from our more recent archives show.

This might have been a look back at inflation but since one photo of a depressed-looking chancellor doth not a nostalgia feature make, we have gone, instead, with the infinitely better photos of mainly children in, on and around inflatables and they might help dispel the doom and gloom for just a minute or two.

Looking through these photos does give you a funny feeling and a real desire to know that, how they were captured at one moment in timre also reflects the lives of these subjects later on

Little Andrew Milroi-Lamont was onely one when he had his photo taken on a bouncy castle in Cockermouth. He would be 22 now. Is he still as happy and content as he seemed in this photo? And what about Ethan Hodgson-Adams who was pictured in mid-air at a Cockermouth event?

Does he still dive into life headfirst or is he a lot more cautious nowadays? 

It is great to see a bit of derring-do but only if there is a soft bouncy castle to land on!

It seems that enjoyment is not the exclusive perogative of the young. Staff at the Workington swimming pool may claim they were just testing out new inflatables but they look as though they are having way too much fun - and the inflatables arecertainly getting agreat workout.

The inflatables do not stand alone,but arepart of something bigger happening at theat time. We have a celebration of the marriage of Will and Kate- now the Prince and Princess of Wales.

There is a May Day celebration and an event provided by social housing landlors Derwent and Solway, who provided a free fun day to ensure that everyone could have affordable fun.

Many of the events are run to suport a charityand there are far more of those than are seen on these pages.

We hope that those who provide affordable or even free fun, will have the resources to provide something similar next summer because, with the other inflation, we are going to need it!

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