This Performance of The Borrowers at Theatre by the Lake was a Preview Performance. Each of our home-produced show has 3 – 4 of these nights. It means that both the technical team and cast are still working through any changes that the Director or Designer has requested. Preview nights are clearly labelled, tickets are cheaper and all audience members are made aware at the time of purchasing tickets.

On the 25th of November, The Theatre by the Lake debuted their show ‘The Borrowers’, a show based on the book by Mary Norton published in 1952,to a live audience. This play is about a girl called Arrietty who wants to go out and borrow like her father but she is only 5 inches tall and can’t be spotted by ‘human beans’ as they call us, so her mother says no. Arrietty's family lives under the floorboards and survives off the humans' things.

On the opening night they introduced us to an array of interesting characters and costumes. The set design was able to move and be clicked into place. The music was played by the cast on stage, and they also helped move the stage. The whole thing was very well choreographed, and I didn’t see any of the cast on opening night mess up.

In the first Half there was a slight humming noise every time the stage light was brightened which was off putting, but at the interval, the start of the second half was delayed to fix the problem. Obviously, it was opening night, so I was not expecting everything to be perfect but some lines had a false start so they had to repeat but nobody forgot them! In this production they included the theatre's drama club members as the youth cast, and they did excellent in the dancing and acting department.

This play was filled with 4th wall breaks and great singing with some amazing comedy for kids and parents, so all in all it was a wonderful evening. I would recommend.