A MOUNTAIN rescue team were called out to Dock Tarn to assist with an injured walker who had slipped. 

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team deployed to Watendath to help with the fallen walker who had slipped, causing a 'probable fracture of their lower leg'. 

The incident took place at around 12:49pm, involving 15 team members for the duration of  2 hours 44 minutes.

A spokesperson from Keswick MRT said: "A group of walkers were descending Great Crag towards Dock Tarn when one of the party slipped causing a probable fracture of their lower leg.

"Keswick team deployed to Watendath and quickly made it to the casualty location.

"After some strong analgesia and splinting the casualty was packaged onto a stretcher and carried back down to Watendath to meet up with a land ambulance," they said. 

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