BILLY Baker and his grandson Dylan have had some new found fame after a picture of them in the pouring rain at a Workington Reds game went viral.

The game was against Prescot Cables on Saturday, January 8. Billy and his grandson, Dylan Rooke, always like to watch the game from behind the goal of Workington attack, so they took their places in the Derwent End.

Halfway through the second half, the rain got torrential. Everyone in the open ran for cover, but Dylan didn't want to move from his favourite spot.

Dylan plays for Workington Junior Blacks under 9s, and after losing a couple of cheap umbrellas watching him training in windy wet weather, Billy bought a 'storm proof' Fulton Cyclone umbrella. So, that's exactly what Billy and Dylan did - they stayed put under their umbrella.

Looking at the picture, you would imagine that the pair were freezing in the wet, but Billy said: "We weren't cold because we knew what to expect and wrap up. Dylan had been playing a match in the morning and had his thermals on.

"Also, it was an exciting game that warms you up. I was watching a couple of photographers behind the goal during the downpour, they were drenched. One must have been watching us."

Many commenters under the picture claimed that 'this is what club football is all about'.

"I can see how the picture resonates with so many  people. There is often a lot of unseen discomfort watching your team this time of year, but supporters know this and still follow their teams, which are really their community," Billy said. 

"Also, the bond of love between grandad and grandson is clearly there to be seen."

Dylan is an avid football fan supporting Workington Reds and Manchester United, his favourite players are Dave Symington and Anthony. 

"He gets so excited about football, it's good to see," he added. 

The picture has gone viral on social media with the original photo on 1.7 million views.

Billy shared his thoughts about his new found fame: "We feel excited that the picture of us has gone viral.

"In a world where media seems obsessed with violence and scandal, it's fantastic that a picture that simply shows love for your team, family, community and sport against adverse conditions shows the beauty and strength of the human spirit," he said. 

The love for Workington AFC runs deep in Billy's family, his Dad took him and his Brother, Kevin, to watch Workington around the late 1960s. Kevin volunteers and helps the groundsman with the pitch.

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