Whiplash is a 2014 movie directed by Damien Chazelle – who has written the likes of la la land and most recently Babylon. The film is known within Hollywood for its infamous colour grading to portray emotion, whilst adding an overall uneasy aesthetic to the cinematography.

The movie explores the idea of abuse from a higher authority figure and the fact we will do anything to please those in a higher more admirable status than ourselves. The script uses grotesque language to fully expose how harmful these types of situations can really be. On many instances throughout the film, Fletcher (the musical director) questions Neiman's skills and proclaims them as wrong, however they are in fact 100% correct. At first this may seem confusing to viewers however Flecther is playing a twisted game with Nieman and puts him down because he believes he has the authority to do so.

This theme of the obsessed artist cannot only be found in the movie whiplash, the 2011 ‘black swan’ film also explores the strive for perfection and how this everlasting pursuit leads to self-destruction. In exchange for their selected skill, they have traded their life and overall well-being – whilst these types of films may inspire audiences to self-destruct in order to gain a skill this isn't always the correct interpretation, the obsessed artist films are made to become a cautionary tale for those who are willing to sacrifice their emotional stability.

The ending scene of whiplash is arguably the most controversial of its kind. Many people feel the ending does not fully sum up the movie and argue it was down to lazy writing. However, many movie critics claim it is the best ending scene in its sub-genre. Although the closing scene is cinematically perfect it is emotionally unsatisfactory, this only adds to the overall message and theme that Chazelle has created – Neiman will never be satisfied with the status he has achieved. By enabling the audience to feel those emotion with him, they can attempt to sympathise with how much he has sacrificed to please those who do not care for his art.

The obsessed artist will never be truly satisfied.