Their opposing team Wetheriggs United only needed 1 point to get to the top of the league meaning the pressure was on. As well as this the game was held at their pitch, Kirkby took this seriously with steady heads and secured their first win of the league. It was a tense 11 aside game from the beginning but Kirkby Stephen FC First’s mens team won against Wetheriggs United First’s with a cracking score of 4-1.  

Tom Davey said ‘we dominated the midfield battle and our back four pocketed their attacking players’. On the big day (14th of January) they were missing two crucial players, Will Paul and Sam Robinson, due to suspension in previous games. This led to their manager, Mark Modlin, ‘changing the formation from five players at the back to four as a tactical shift from further inspection,’ said Davey. Another set back the team faced was their captain Josh Brunk suddenly fell ill and was unable to attend leaving another hole in the defence. Lee Modlin added that he felt ‘the referee was biased but we persevered and pushed on’ showing despite some decisions going against them they carried their determination on. Throughout the match Modlin kept a level and steady head, making sure he didn’t get an injury which would jeopardise their next match!  

Davey said the ‘supporters were 10/1 but the underdogs pushed through against all odds’. Proud parents who could attend such as Liz Wagner and Katie Modlin stood through the wet weather and ‘cheered the game on despite the rain with great support’.   

Despite all these setbacks, Kirkby managed to contain Wetheriggs in the first half which contained 0 goals, Davey made sure of this to not let the opponents score as he slid in to intercept a certain goal which gave them a fighting chance in the second half.  Scott Ostle quickly made a succession and scored 2 goals. The Wetheriggs player, Martyn Coleman, made an impressive strike but ultimately Kirkby’s scores carried on rising. Ross Jackson scored and soon after so did Ryan Capstick which has no-doubt given the team the confidence they need to secure their next win. Upon questioning Davey as to who he felt was an outstanding player at this particular match he said ‘Dean Scott who controlled the midfield throughout with spectacular challenges and an impeccable work rate, a captain’s contribution’. This just goes to show the clubs support towards their peers, they strongly work as a team.  

Next week, on the 28th of January at 14:00, Kirkby Stephen FC are set to play Sedbergh and Dent United Firsts. However, this time to their advantage it is a home game at their locally loved football pitch Parrots Park. The pressure is on as Sedbergh is above them in the league in 9th place with 10 points currently. Kirkby currently has 4 points, 3 secured by their win with Wetheriggs and 1 point from their draw against Ibis Firsts meaning they are currently in 12th place.