A GIG in honour of a Dearham woman with Alzheimers was hosted in Maryport at the weekend.

Local music promoter and long-standing supporter of Alzheimer’s Society, Graeme McGrory, ran another fundraising gig featuring popular acts ‘Hardwicke Circus’ and Ash Wilson’s new band, the ‘Wilson Brothers’, who teamed up for a special Valentine’s Day event at the Grasslot Club, Maryport, on Sunday, February 19.

‘Feel the Valentine Blues’, like Graeme’s previous events, was very much organised with Graeme’s partner Ann Westcott in mind. Ann lives with Alzheimer’s and is now cared for by staff at Dalton Court Care Home in Cockermouth.

Graeme, who hails from Dearham, has been organising gigs since 2015, in partnership with Mark Howes from Maryport. Together they have raised over £4000, despite having events interrupted by the pandemic.

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Although the final fundraising total has not yet been calculated, the raffle alone has raised more than £500 for The Alzheimers Society.

Talking about the gig, Graeme said: "It was amazing.

"It was Hardwicke's gigs third gig for us and Ash Wilson played for us, he has played seven times for us and is a personal friend of Ann, as Jonny( Hardwicke's front man) has also become.

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"It turned into a great big party, by the end of the gig Jonny had got me on the stage.

"Everyone was partying, the Grasslot club was full there must have been two hundred there.

"It was a great night for Alzheimer's."