WORKINGTON Town boss Anthony Murray has praised his squad following a positive start to the season.

Workington Town RLFC beat London Skolars away last weekend in their first game of the 2023 League One campaign- beating the side 58-16 in the capital.

The head coach said: "I thought it was a real positive performace from us to travel down on a Friday is always difficult, it's a long trip to London, and in fairness to the players they didn't use that as an excuse, the preparation side of it was really good.

"Nothing is won from the first hit out of the season but we have gradually improved from our warm up games which then led in to our first hit out, to go to London and win is good, but to go to London and win with the margin that we did and only to cencede three try aswell is really pleasing, but we have got to continue with the things we did to get that performance."

Town will now go on to take on community club Ince Rose Bridge at Derwent Park this Sunday, February 26 in a bid for the challenge cup.

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Anthony said: "The challenge cup is a massive competition, steeped in history and tradition and to play our part in it is always good to do.

"We are playing a community club which is going to be a real tough fixture, the community club will come with high expectations of themselves and wanting to cause an upset - we will pay 100% percent respect to Rose Bridge and we are prepping for a league one side and we are going to have to make sure we are at our best to beat them.

"We will be making sure that we are doing everything we can do to make sure we are at our best for the game."

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The head coach praised the fans for the support they showed on the day at London Skolars, with many town fans making the long journey to cheer the Blue and White Army on.

He said: "We were really pleased, I couldn't believe the turnout and we are just really pleased that people took time out to do that and get behind the players , we talked about that before we went out, we knew that there was a good following there and it was something that we focused on to give them something to cheer about and show our appreciation- hopefully they went home happy."