If you love fine dining, trains and movie sets, then add this place to your bucket list.

Bassenthwaite Lake Station Cafe, located just off the A66 next to the stunning and popular Bassenthwaite Lake (hence the name!) offers both breakfast and lunch options with dishes ranging from brunch bowls to salads to sharing platters.

The food is of high-quality and many ingredients are sourced locally. But the best bit? The replica train is the exact one used in the 2017 ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ movie starring Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh and Dame Judi Dench. You can actually sit in the chairs where the stars themselves sat during the shooting of the adaptation!

Much of the interior design is the same from the original set, for example the Art Deco lamps that sit on the tables and hang on the walls in the Restaurant Carriage. The Salon Carriage, where afternoon tea is served, contains the iconic bar that features in many of the shots during the film. The luggage carriage is used to store drinks and also contains some more seating areas. When you are onboard, you will notice that the carriages are much taller and wider than on your usual train. This was done deliberately so that the camera crew for ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ could move about easier, allowing for the stellar filming that makes the film so legendary. 

But the vintage ambience would be nothing without the delicious food being served onboard. Why not book a table for breakfast and try the ‘Cumberland Brunch Bowl’, a quality cook-up using local meats? Or how about ordering the ‘Cumbrian Sharing Platter’, containing ‘Baked Torpenhow Brie’ along with a selection of both cooked and cold meats? Or why not even treat yourself to some of the mouth-watering desserts and cakes on offer?

This little gem located in the beautiful Lake District should be going straight onto your bucket list, especially if you want to have a fancy meal in a famous setting, surrounded by aesthetic views from both inside and out.