Back in January, some Explorers and volunteers joined together at The Lake District Wildlife Park to plant some trees. From 9 till 3 on the 29th of January they got to planting whilst having an audience of curious sheep. Tree planting included plotting stakes, digging holes, placing saplings and learning how to protect them from the weather.  Even if it was cold the volunteers persevered and managed to plant many saplings and cover lots of ground.  This experience was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling because you feel like your helping such a big cause.

Tree planting is part of the ‘wildlife and environmental’ theme at Explorers, with them doing an introduction to habitats and surveys and learning to chop wood. Planting these saplings means our environment will flourish with animals and bugs that use them as habitats, trees also help us to save the environment and because of global warming we need to help more than ever. 

Scouts, founded in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell, is a worldwide organisation aiming to bring people together and be outdoors. Scouts is for anyone and everyone with a supportive community.Having been in scouts for 5+ years, I can say that it’s an incredible thing to do because of the opportunities they offer, like tree planting!         

Scouts offer: 

-Squirrels (4-6 years)

-Beavers (6-8 years)

- Cubs (8-10½ years)

-Scouts (10½-14 years)

-Explorers (14-18 years)

-Network (18-25 years)

- Volunteering

So sign up now at and find your next adventure!