This week for our Nostalgia edition we will be taking a look back at what life was like in Workington in the year 1980.

Over forty years later a lot has changed in our town and across the rest of Cumbria - and the world.

Despite the years that have passed, there was still a lot going on in the world at this time.

This is a time when the US defeated the Soviet Union in ice hockey in what was labelled the "Miracle on Ice," mini Gold Rush in the Australian outback after gold is discovered and the Rubik’s Cube puzzle toy debuts internationally during January at a toy fair in London.

There was also a great deal going on here in Workington and Allerdale too.

Here at the Times & Star, we've gone far back in our archives to illustrate to you what life was like at this time.

We hope that you enjoy this blast from the past, let us know if you feature in any of the photos or know the people that do, we'd love to hear from you.

Three of the photos show the Flying Scotsman, a famous train that often travels through Cumbria and is still to this day a popular attraction to visit, passing through Workington Train Station in February 1980.

Some of the others show striking miners hosting a mass meeting at the Opera House in Workington, and another two photos of steelworkers striking.

The other photos show teachers wearing Easter bonnets at Newlands School in Workington.