This week our Trader of the Week is the Carnegie Theatre in Workington. 

The theatre is a much-loved feature of the town which is doing more now than ever to entertain the people of Workington and the surrounding areas. 

All kinds of shows and attractions are held at the Carnegie with something for everyone on offer. 

Michael Nutter, deputy manager of The Carnegie said: "We do a lot of live entertainment, we do things like tribute acts, we've also got some actual bands coming too. In the near future, The Coral will be performing at The Carnegie which is one of my favourite bands. 

"We do a lot of activities, we are a registered charity and we rely on funding and donations to continue operating. 

"Part of what we do is always looking for opportunities to provide something for the community. 

"We've had things like 4 o'clock club, we've got an Easter school running for local pupils and any children on free school meals who can go there free of charge and get a free meal as well, we offer room hire which means that people can come in and practice karate, taekwondo those type of things but also party hire.

Times and Star: The Carnegie The Carnegie (Image: Newsquest) 

"Also recently we've hired a youth worker who's going to start coming in and running sessions for children and we've got funding for that. 

"So that youth worker is going to come on board and going to run several projects which will help with funding for other projects as well so we can be more closely tied into the local community. 

"The building itself was a library built in 1904, it was funded by Andrew Carnegie who was a businessman in the early 1900s who funded thousands of projects across the world and we were just one of those. 

"Firstly it started to adapt into a cinema, I believe that was in the 60s and 70s, then finally in the late 70s, it became the theatre that you know today. 

"We have a programme of events this year that it the most substantial that we've done in a very long time."