Yesterday, April 11, the second Uppies and Downies game of 2023 took place. 

The Uppies had yet another successful run as they secured their second victory of the series after a win on Good Friday. 

Nathan Askew who was the first person ever to hail the ball three times in one series back in 2018 secured the victory. 

However, he handed the ball to his friend's father, Brian Fearon, to hail. 

On Friday before the first game started, Nathan Askew said: "The next ball that I get I'm giving to Brian Fearon, I'm not playing for myself I'm getting the ball for a mate.

"His son passed away in 2012 and I always used to see him down here, I was mates with him years ago from boxing and when he passed away I said I would dedicate a ball to him even if it took me 30 years.

Times and Star: The Uppies celebrate their win The Uppies celebrate their win (Image: Tom Kay)

"So when I got the first ball I dedicated it to him then when I got all three I dedicated the series to him.

"I said 'I'll get you one Bri' so that's what I'm hoping to do."

The Uppies are currently winning the game 2 to the Downies 0 points. The Uppies hailed the ball at Workington Hall after the game began outside of Allerdale House at 6.30 pm. 

On Good Friday it was Leon Dymatrowski who hailed the ball and did a brave run whilst being injured. 

The Easter tradition of Uppies and Downies in Workington is a long-standing one. The modern tradition began sometime in the latter half of the 19th century.

The series is played over Good Friday, the following Tuesday, and the following Saturday.

Meaning that the third and final game will be held this Saturday, April 15. The Uppies will be looking to secure a full run this series whilst the Downies will be wanting to gain the third and final point. 

The ball which is specially made for the series starts at Cloffocks at 6.30 pm where it is first thrown, and then Uppies have to get the ball to Workington Hall and Downies have to get to the harbor to hail the ball.