This week our Trader of the Week is No 15, a store that has proved quite popular since opening in recent years.

No 15 is based in Cockermouth and sells a range of women's clothing, fashion items and accessories. 

The shop opened five years ago and during lockdown, moved from No 11 to No 15, a bigger premise on Station Street. 

Sonja Tilleard, the owner of the store, said: "Basically the shop is a place that provides everyday wearable fashion and accessories, it's a ladies' lifestyle shop.

"We also sell cards, candles, and all that sort of stuff, handbags, jewellery but a lot of clothing that's affordable, wearable, and comfortable.

"The most popular items that we sell are linen clothes and jewellery, they're the two most popular. 

"I set up the shop because there was a gap in the market and I saw things that I thought that I'd like to sell that didn't fit into my other shop White and Green which is based around house and garden products. 

Times and Star: The inside of the store The inside of the store (Image: Supplied)

"I opened the shop around four years ago in No 11 on Station Street and during Covid I moved up to No 15, a bigger shop during the first lockdown. 

"The store has been quite popular in the years that it's been open, it's been really good, and that's why I moved up into a bigger shop in the first lockdown because it was going so well. 

"I'm lucky to have such a big following in Cockermouth, it's a local, loyal following, really. 

"I have no plans to expand in the future, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing really and just to keep sourcing some interesting, different, things. 

"The aim is that as I get new stock in every week it sort of changes, I get often so there's always something new."

More details on No 15 and what they offer can be found on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.