As Covid eases in England, many hotels and b&bs have started to reopen their doors, I have seen an increase in advertisements for Airbnb in places like the gym and Youtube ads. The company, founded in 2008 has a range of accommodation for you to stay at and with the recent addition of the ‘OMG!’ filter you can find unusual options such as treehouses and even giant guitars. From the 3rd to the 5th of April I got the opportunity to stay in an Airbnb in Cwm-cou, Wales.


I was fortunate enough to stay in a Vintage 1963 AEC Reliance Bus that had been converted into a living space and had appeared on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. From the outside, the bus looks normal with the addition of a swinging chair and a deck outside for fire on the fire pit and a barbecue plus a wooden picnic table. The bus exterior had been decorated with fairy lights attached to an old car. The bus was surrounded by amazing views and we even had a bit of sun!

The interior was modern and cosy with a king bed tucked away at the back and an easily convertible sofa bed below it. The bus had wooden floors and wooden countertops which made the bus feel very pretty. The entrance to the bus had been kept the same and had the front seats still there which could turn (mostly) to face the front of the bus. Next to the seats was a countertop that could be converted into a table for meals or a workspace, although the weather was nice enough for us to sit outside on the picnic tables for most of the trip.

This bus was equipped with an induction cooker, a fridge and a kettle and many utensils so this enabled us to have ‘home-cooked’ meals every night. The bus also came with a tv and some books about the van and how to use it (with detailed instructions) which came in handy when trying to put the indoor heating on. Although the toilet situation was a little funky I really enjoyed my stay on the bus. I definitely want to come again because of the friendly people who were quick to help with anything we needed and the very cute farm dog who was very persistent and always wanted to play.

I would recommend this Airbnb to anyone who is seeking something a little different