On the 17th of march, Parkway Cinema opened its doors to the town of Workington. Not only do they offer luxury tickets, but relaxed showings have also been featured for younger audiences along with senior screenings every Tuesday for a discounted price. 

On the first night, parkway received a warm welcome as many audience members left reviews online claiming how enjoyable their experience was. Some local business such as lakes escapes were invited to attend a screen testing and later released a post on Facebook, sharing how luxurious the new cinema is. The parkway family business introduced relaxed screenings for those with autism and dementia, along with parent and baby screenings which feature low lighting and noise, including free entry for babies under 18 moths. Within their post they acknowledged that they wanted their business to be inviting and accommodating and by creating a friendly and understanding environment they are taking the steps to do so. In an interview with Joe Hoyles – who attended during opening week, he stated; “I loved the fact that the seats reclined, and they had tables, it was convenient and its bringing luxury to the town”. Donna hadden (a local resident) also stated: “it an alternative and new experience within the local area. It seems different to standard cinemas and seems to be an enjoyable event which is welcoming to everyone” 

Overall, Parkway Cinema has received positive reviews from locals and tourists alike and will hopefully become a staple within the town of Workington.